"Founded for the Restoration of Health for those of whom medical treatments or ordinary Chiropractic adjustments have proved insufficient"

Meet Dr. John Madden

Dr. John Madden, Madden Family Chiropractic, Round Rock Texas Chiropractic, Austin Texas ChiropractoGod, Family and Chiropractic. These are the priorities in my life.
Chiropractic is for families. I chose a career in Chiropractic because I wanted to make the world a better place by drastically improving the health of others through natural means. I believe that every family in the world have the right to health care, especially Chiropractic care. Chiropractic should be the first choice when people are seeking health care advice and diagnosis. Every parent should have their children checked for vertebral subluxation, immediately after birth and for the rest of their lives. Children grow healthiest when their spines are in perfect alignment and their nervous systems are functioning at 100%.

I graduated from Parker Chiropractic College in 2001 and my Undergraduate degree is in business (BBA) from the University of Texas-Austin. I have been practicing Chiropractic now for 8 years. Before starting my own practice, I practiced alongside my brother, who is also a Chiropractor, in one of the busiest offices in Denver, CO. Then, I moved back home to open my own practice in Round Rock, Texas. I have five older brothers and sisters-three of which live in the Round Rock area.

My ideal practice is full of families who take the time to maintain their healthy state of being through Chiropractic rather than waiting for a health crisis to take responsibility for their health care. I use the Pettibon Technique, as well as specific in-office and home exercises to help facilitate spinal correction. I enjoy helping patients to find answers to their health concerns and helping them to eliminate their health problems.

I am a member of both the Round Rock and Pflugerville Chambers of Commerce. I am a big sports fan. I love football, baseball and basketball. I enjoy teaching others about living a lifestyle centered around optimal health. Check our "Calendar of Events" to see when our next Free Community Dinner on "Dangerous Drugs and how Chiropractic can Improve your Health." or when one of your life changing Nutrition Cafe's are scheduled. All the information on how to contact us to get signed up will be there at your fingertips!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to adjust as many families as possible in order to express and maintain their optimal health potential, naturally without drugs or surgery with the highest quality Chiropractic Care, and to exceed above and beyond your health expectations. Our mission is to educate our community that life and health come from within and that the maintenance of health is far superior than the treatment of disease. Our mission is to bring greater harmony, balance, and order...to minimize the detrimental effect of the subluxation, so as to maximize life.

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It is because of Chiropractic testimonials like these that I continue to love what I do and seek to help as many families as possible to overcome their health challenges and live a life of optimal wellness.

"After my first visit, I no longer had tingling in my toes and my legs and feet don't hurt anymore!" - Ben S.
"Because of my health condition, my hands are constantly cold. After every adjustment, my hands instantly warm up. I can feel a change in my body and my health condition is improving!" - Kristen G.

"My posture is better and I don't slouch as much any more." - Brenda W.

"My allergies are going away." - Jen J.
"My whole arm used to have numbness and tingling in it. Not any more!" - George F.

"I spent $4000 in two-years at the medical doctor for my son's ear infections and nothing helped. The ear infections stopped completely after seeing Dr. John!" - Gerry S.

"No more headaches for the first time since I can remember!" - Aurora P.

"You worked miracles on my low back pain!" - Carole E.

"Dr. John helped me get rid of my headaches and migraines." - Aaron R.

"My golf swing straightened out and my back pain is gone now." - William W.

"I began feeling relief after my 1st adjustment after years of discomfort in my back." - Michael D.

"My only regret is that I didn't start getting adjusted sooner." - Mike S.

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